Record Collection

MC5: The Big Bang
The Pixies: Death to the Pixies
Marilyn Manson: Smells like Children
The Cramps: Off the Bone
The Cramps: Look Mom, No Head!
Ceramic Hobs: Free Tim Telsa
Ceramic Hobs: Astonishing Wheat Productions
Happy Mondays: The Platinum Collection
Dreadzone: Second Light
The Streets: Original Pirate Material
Butthole Surfers: Electriclarryland
Drumatic: Reactions
13th Floor Elevators: All Time Highs

Collection of records given to a local Oxfam shop.
They each carried security stickers bearing the legend:
‘NHS Security Seal, Ashworth High Secure Hospital’.


  1. These records belonged to the Ceramic Hobs drummer from the 80s and 90s who was incarcerated in Ashworth for a few years in the '00s, not going through the criminal justice system but rather through being a difficult detainee in inpatient mental health care.

  2. Hello Simon

    Thank you for your comment. I was hoping that the post might lead to somekind of identification. The cds were bought, and have remained as, a collection. As such, they can be returned to the owner in question if necessary.

  3. Hi James, I'm sure Steve will have willingly given them away himself or passed them onto a fellow patient or maybe a nurse which is how you somehow ended up with them. Quite a find with the bizarre and sinister security seal though. Your blog is very interesting.