From a 2006 interview with Skaters (Spencer Clark and James Ferraro)

"I don't want recordings of our live shows," Clark states, growing steadily more animated. He was dead tired when I arrived, but now he's ready for a beer at the Phone Booth, which is just around the corner from here. "There is a very specific sound that James and I are interested in having. It's a tape sound. If someone were to mike us properly and capture the space between the sounds, then that would conflict with what we are going for. We want the tape heavily submerged in the sound where there are confusing things happening."

"We don't want it recorded pristinely," Ferraro echoes, adding an alchemical flavor to his explanation. "The tape is a good way of obscuring that and making something that sounds like a landscape in your mind. That's pretty much why we've decided to record on tape."


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