Dee's dolphin

Today a number of stories appeared about a stranded dolphin in the River Dee, Flintshire. After swimming upstream during a high spring tide the dolphin became stuck on a series of sandbanks and had to be rescued and returned to the sea by the RNLI.  

Its four-day sojourn in Saltney Ferry generated some strange and uncanny photographs, images that seemed to show this suburb of Chester slipping into a cataclysmic state of existence. See the caption below for an inevitable quote from J. G. Ballard. 

"Now they were to abandon yet another city. Despite the massive construction of the main commercial buildings, it consisted of little more than three principal lagoons, surrounded by a nexus of small lakes fifty yards in diameter and a network of narrow creeks and inlets which wound off, roughly following the original street plan of the city, into the outlying jungle"
                        --J.G. Ballard, The Drowned World (New York: Berkley Books, 1962), pp.19-20.

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