An English Trip

In May I'll be taking part in An English Trip, John Doran's Quietus-backed tour to coincide with the publication of his book A Jolly Lad. I'll be doing a spoken-word set with Evie Salmon based on a road trip to Bradford. It'll be a mix of material from Road Movies and The Bad Trip: part travelogue, part spurious celebration of cult film. A psychogeographic mash-up of half-remembered anecdotes and true-crime paperbacks.   

I've seen John read before and he puts on a good show. The gig has been co-ordinated by English Heretic who will also be performing. Very excited to be part of this....

For venue and ticket information go to the English Trip Facebook page. You can also read a good interview / article with John about the book and the tour over at The Quietus

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